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Effectively Promoting Your Web Site
by Peter De Legge

Ever get faxed or mailed a letter from a web developer/designer telling you how they can build your company a site that gets thousands or even millions of visitors every day, week or month? Don’t believe it for a minute. If they could do it, they would not be looking to build you a site, they would be building more sites for themselves.

The truth is, simply having a web site on the Internet doesn’t mean anyone visits it. The majority of the millions of web sites on the Internet struggle to reach over one hundred visitors a month. Further, consider that the biggest search engines are spending millions of dollars, and often as much as 75% of their  ad budgets, on non-Internet advertising. As the old adage goes, it takes money to make money. The Internet is no exception to that rule. But sometimes, ingenuity can be substituted for some of that money.

First, the very basics.

Make sure your customers know about your web site. Put your URL (web address) on your company’s stationary, ads, mailings, products/packaging, invoices, fax pages, trade show displays, company vehicles, apparel, advertising specialties, checks, notes, on your phone’s on-hold message — almost anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Send out postcards to your customers and prospects about your site or new features. Web Cards only charges $95 for 500 postcards they make from your Web site.

One of the most effective means of getting traffic to web sites is through publicity and word-of-mouth. Sending out a news release simply about your company having a web site is unlikely to get your company much publicity unless you have a very high profile company. Do something special at your site that will get you free press.

If your business does not have a full time PR person or   agency – and even if it already does –  you really should consider the Internet News Bureau. The Internet News Bureau is an agency that has recently received a fair amount of publicity itself for its extremely useful and inexpensive service. For less than $250 The Internet News Bureau will distribute your press release to to their resource of media contacts. For an additional $200 they will even write your press release.

Finally, make sure your site is optimized and submitted to all the leading search engines. Getting this done through companies like Submit-It and keeping track of your standings through companies like Position Agent is inexpensive and can result in significant traffic to your site for significantly less than the cost of advertising.

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