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Call it a “dot-com name,” a URL, or a domain. Whatever you call it, it’s the cornerstone of your online presence, and we make getting one easy. Simply enter the name you want in the search field above, and we’ll tell you instantly whether the name is available. If it’s available, you pay a single fee that is renewable every year, and the name is yours.

Free Services

We don’t nickel-and-dime you. All of these value-added services are included in your annual domain name fee.

FREE Domain Name Control Panel – Our simple and powerful control panel puts you in charge, letting you manage your domain name whenever you want, from one place.

FREE Domain Forwarding – Have multiple domain names or another name that is long or confusing? Redirect them to a single, more memorably named site.

FREE Sub-Domains – Get the most out of your domain name by hosting other sites on different sub-domains (called “host records). For example, you can have as your main site, and have a different site at

FREE Registrar Lock – Avoid any transfer mistakes and the loss of your domain. If a domain name has “register lock” turned on, transfers won’t be able to go through until you turn it off.

Domain Name Pricing

.COM $15.00 /yr
.ORG $15.00 /yr
.NET $15.00 /yr
.BIZ $35.00 /yr
.INFO $35.00 /yr
.CC $35.00 /yr
.TV $49.00 /yr
.WS $35.00 /yr
.NU $35.00 /yr
.BZ $35.00 /yr
.US $35.00 /yr

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