Business Cards & Stationery

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Business Cards
We offer a large array of different themes and styles of business cards that you can customize. We have everything from the modern designs to classic contemporary looks that use pre-built templates ready for you to make custom with your slogan, logo, photos or mission statements. It’s never been easier to create your own cards online in minutes!

Business Invitations
It’s important to ensure your events and gatherings are successful and generate big crowds. The next time you have a corporate lunch, activity or event, consider using our Business Invitations to announce the big day. We have various styles and themes to allow you to customize your own announcement and give you a wide variety of colors to personalize the event to your business. Each announcement offers a personalized touch ensuring each of your guests are impressed and get a lasting impression.

Business Stationery
Ensuring you leave an impression, our business stationery, comes in various styles, designs and templates. We offer the highest quality paper and allow you to customize it to the theme and style of your business and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! It’s important to have stationery that stands out since it will be used for such things as taking notes. The stationery will also typically be passed out to clients or non employees for even more business recognition.

Business Address Labels
Little things like address labels are important for your business and leave a good impression. There are different types, and you can’t use standard labels for corporate use. This is why we have specially designed business address labels with various themes, especially for the holidays when they are sure to add a feel good sense to the standard letter.

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Brochure & Flyer Design

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Featured Brochure Design
Informative brochures are a great way to educate your customers about your specific products or services. By presenting lots of useful information, your customers will feel more confident and empowered to make the right choice, increasing sales.
The large 11×17 half fold brochure format serves as a small catalog and uses the aditional space to provide more comprehensive product descriptions and company messaging.

Full Color Brochure Printing
A glossy full-color brochure, sell sheet or flyer is a sure-fire way to showcase your business or product. Brochures can be used to build an image for your company, promote an event, update product spec’s, or for a hundred other purposes. In the Internet Age, professional printing of a 4-color glossy brochure helps distinguish “real” companies from “wannabe’s.” See “How to Write a Super Brochure” for some tips.

Standard Brochure Formats
Brochures come in four standard sizes, 8-1/2 x 11, 8-1/2 x 14, 11 x 17 and 11 x 25-1/2. An unfolded 8-1/2 x 11 is often used as a flyer, product or sell sheet, or tri-folded for a company brochure. Many companies use an 11×17 brochure, folded in half, as an economical product catalog. While our four standard sizes are very popular and cover almost any brochure printing project, you are really only limited by your imagination.
We can assist you in creating almost any custom brochure no matter the size, folds, and finishes. If you are looking for a custom printed brochure, we can provide a variety of finishing options including die cutting, foil stamping, embossing and custom folds – just give us a call and we will let you know how to proceed for the best finished product.

Ink Options
All brochure and flyer printing comes with 4-color printing on the front. The second side can be ordered also with CMYK 4-color process, or with black ink or blank. Pantone or metallic inks can also be used on request. Plus, we provide free aqueous coating and offer UV coating on our gloss papers. Aqueous coating adds scuff-resistance, extra sheen and helps protect the piece in the mail. Gloss UV coating adds an ultra-shiny and protective finish for a “rich,” high-end look and feel.

Paper Options
The paper stock you choose is an important element of your brochure design. We have 5 standard brochure papers:

80# gloss text weight – the standard weight paper
80# dull/matte text weight – a non-gloss coated stock
100# gloss text (about 25% thicker for a “high-end” feel)
80# gloss cover (twice the thickness of 80# gloss text).
80# dull/matte cover (twice the thickness of 80# dull/matte text).

We can also print your brochures on a variety of custom papers including recycled paper to help you obtain the look and feel you desire.

Brochure Mailing Services
Don’t go through the hassle and expense of printing thousands of labels, applying them to your brochure, and hauling them all to the post office. Leave it to us. We can mail your brochures directly to your customers and prospects. Plus, we will take care of all the details, saving you time, money and frustration. We offer bulk or first class mail choices, as well as customized mailing lists, targeted to who you need to reach. See our Mailing Services Guide for details, or give us a call!

Brochure Holders
Need a custom printed holder or display for your brochures? Try our brochure holders that can be custom printed to compliment your brochure and enhance your branding.

Multi-Page and Custom Brochure Printing
Do you need some help turning your ideas into a reality? We can help answer any question you may have about unique sizes, custom inks, and papers for your full-color brochure project? Just give us a call at 800-930-6040. Need pricing for custom options?

Feel free to Request a Quote.

Your brochure is a key tool in your marketing toolbox. Don’t leave it to chance, or cut corners just to “get one out there” and hope it connects to your customers. Give us a call, and speak to one of our experienced and dedicated pre-press teams about creating a high-quality, full color company brochure. Paper choices, sizes, folds, files, images, mailing and design—we do it all! Let us help you create a professional full color brochure to reach your customers so that you can focus on running your business.

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Screenprinting & Embroidery

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KillerGraffix one of the nations leading distributors for custom embroidered shirts and apparel. We carry and distribute thousands of articles of clothing from leisurewear to uniforms and corporate wear. If you do not see it, please request information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Custom Embroidered Clothing
Custom Silk Screen Printing
Logos & Design Services
Custom T-Shirt Printing
Embroidered Golf Clothes
Corporate Apparel
Cutter and Buck Clothing

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality embroidered and screen printed merchandise at the most competitive prices we can offer.

KillerGraffix provides custom embroidery and custom screen printing workshop that takes pride in creating unique embroidered and screen printed designs for all your apparel and gift item needs. Our custom embroidery and custom screen printing is considered the state of the art in value, quality and service.

We offer a wide range of quality brand name garments in many styles to include (but not limited to):

Polo shirts
Twill shirts
Caps & Hats

For your convenience, we provide on-site digitizing, personalization and monogramming, as well as a variety of embroidery designs to choose from.

KillerGraffix uses state-of-the-art embroidery computer software designed to create custom embroidered artwork or adapt your logo/design for application to the garment of your choice.

KillerGraffix will outfit your corporate team, your sports team, or any team with quality identity apparel suitable for any occasion. Simply send us your business card or finished artwork (via conventional mail or e-mail), indicate the style of garment you are interested in, and we will provide you with a quote via e-mail or fax, designed to meet your needs, within two business days.

KilllerGraffix takes pride in providing quality and service above all else, for our customers.

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Internet Marketing & Promting Your Site

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Effectively Promoting Your Web Site
by Peter De Legge

Ever get faxed or mailed a letter from a web developer/designer telling you how they can build your company a site that gets thousands or even millions of visitors every day, week or month? Don’t believe it for a minute. If they could do it, they would not be looking to build you a site, they would be building more sites for themselves.

The truth is, simply having a web site on the Internet doesn’t mean anyone visits it. The majority of the millions of web sites on the Internet struggle to reach over one hundred visitors a month. Further, consider that the biggest search engines are spending millions of dollars, and often as much as 75% of their  ad budgets, on non-Internet advertising. As the old adage goes, it takes money to make money. The Internet is no exception to that rule. But sometimes, ingenuity can be substituted for some of that money.

First, the very basics.

Make sure your customers know about your web site. Put your URL (web address) on your company’s stationary, ads, mailings, products/packaging, invoices, fax pages, trade show displays, company vehicles, apparel, advertising specialties, checks, notes, on your phone’s on-hold message — almost anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Send out postcards to your customers and prospects about your site or new features. Web Cards only charges $95 for 500 postcards they make from your Web site.

One of the most effective means of getting traffic to web sites is through publicity and word-of-mouth. Sending out a news release simply about your company having a web site is unlikely to get your company much publicity unless you have a very high profile company. Do something special at your site that will get you free press.

If your business does not have a full time PR person or   agency – and even if it already does –  you really should consider the Internet News Bureau. The Internet News Bureau is an agency that has recently received a fair amount of publicity itself for its extremely useful and inexpensive service. For less than $250 The Internet News Bureau will distribute your press release to to their resource of media contacts. For an additional $200 they will even write your press release.

Finally, make sure your site is optimized and submitted to all the leading search engines. Getting this done through companies like Submit-It and keeping track of your standings through companies like Position Agent is inexpensive and can result in significant traffic to your site for significantly less than the cost of advertising.

Youtube Video Creation

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YouTube is a great website designed to share videos with friends and the world. These videos are created for educational purposes and just about any other reason you can think of. YouTube is also one of the most viewed websites on the internet and because of this advertising on it can yield great results including views, link-through traffic, increased revenue and more!

Creating your own custom video can be done with ease but in most cases, home videos are not as great of quality as professionally made videos. Many businesses want a professional video for their company to give it a professional look.

A YouTube Video for Your Business as a Commercial That Doesn’t Have an Airtime Charge!

Promotion of the newly created viral video may be required to get the most visitors to the streaming video itself. Our service of bringing visitors to videos, such as the ones on YouTube, is separate from the Content Writing Group’s video creation services. After time, if your video is of great interest and quality, people will let others know about the video so they can view it for themselves. When this happens, the video can go viral and millions of people can see the film created and your advertisement in a short time.

Videos with animation, actors, music or pictures can be done with ease by our company. Following certain rules to allow videos to be show without getting taken down for copyright infringement is not an issue with our creation services. We can provide all types of video creation, filming and editing services. If the project is video or picture related, chances are that we can deliver what you require! Turnaround times on projects are fast and some may be completed in just a few days after payment.

KillerGraffix provides different levels of qualities for video creation and editing services. We do this to give our clients more options when it comes to having a video about their business made for advertising and promotion. The YouTube video creation and editing service our company provides starts at $50.00 and goes up, depending on project requirements.

Asking for a quote is the best way to find out the price for your project. For a quote, please leave all the information about the project on our Contact US page or contact us directly via email or telephone!

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Scribble Videos

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Scribbles are the New Thing. You’ve seen them on commercials and online. Now it’s your turn to have a professionally built scribble video for your website or online promtion.

Video KillerGraffix offers a completely unique way to create engaging animated videos quickly and easily. Without technical or design knowledge you’re empowered to bring impact to your message.

You can create amazing marketing videos, instructional talks, add a visual to your talk or story, bring illustrations to life, show text, logos or photos and keep any audience captivated.

Often called Whiteboard animation or Fast Drawing, VideoScribe replicates a stop-motion capture style of drawing that’s so popular on commercials… at a fraction of the cost & time.

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Voice Over & Recording

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Are you working on a training or safety video and looking for some male and/or female voice talent in English, Spanish, French or another language? We not only can transcribe and translate the actual script, but we also can provide you with amazing voice talent to make your video a true success in any language!

Below are a few examples of multilingual voice over services that we can provide:

Corporate Training Videos
Software Tutorials
PowerPoint Presentations
Training Applications
Audio Manuals
Internet Audio
Radio Spots
TV Commercials
In-flight Entertainment
Audio Books
Educational Videos
Voice Prompts

It isn’t necessary that you are local to San Diego, Irvine, Riverside or Los Angeles, we can deliver voice over requests as ISDN, MP3, AIFF files or on a CD overnight. Other formats are also available upon request.

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Video Production & Animation

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KillerGraffix is a full service production and marketing company that provides quality, affordable video productions animation. We  pride ourselves on our affiliations with some of the finest production professionals in the nation..  Our team will help you create a video, get it posted on major services like YouTube, and track its performance.  We help you connect with your audience, grow your business, and become a leader in your industry.

Because our abilities are not limited by our walls, we are able to offer a spectrum of production services ranging from simple to remarkably complex.

Associates of KillerGraffix have provided service worldwide to the most demanding clients, providing expertise to feature length motion pictures, seminars, and infomercials.

KillerGraffix has produced video for music videos and feature films, as well as training video for various companies throughout North America. Our history ranges from editorial to on screen talent, and provides an extremely broad base of ideas and abilities from which to draw.

With regards to video editing, Pacifica Marketing Group has over a decade of experience providing editing solutions to production professionals. We have histories ranging from television studio production and broadcast, to video editing. We know our systems inside and out, and we back up our artistry with practical experience.

View Demo Reel Here

Film & Video Production of all kinds including:

Broadcast advertisement
Media planning and placement
Corporate communications and training
Feature length cinematic production
Marketing consultancy
Public relations production
Video newsgathering
Streaming video delivery
Music videos for hip-hop, metal, bluegrass, and other demanding genres

Aside from knowing the techniques necessary to provide beautiful productions, we can provide what most other companies can’t, such as:

On Screen Talent
Voice Over Talent
Soundtrack Scoring / Music Production
Line Production
Crane, Dolly, and Aerial Shooting Expertise
Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation
Still Photography
Digital Cinema
Simultaneous Multiple Standards Editing (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)

Production Rates

(additional pricing may be by bid or by hour, at your discretion)

Hourly Production Rate:

$185 – High Definition Video

Half-Day Production Rate: 4 Hours
(production not included)

$825 – High Definition Video

Full-Day Production Rate: 8 Hours
(production not included)

$1,625 – High Definition Video

Standard Services Included In Above Rates:

Recording on broadcast quality HD digital cameras (in our studio or on your location).
Four point professional lighting and extended audio support is also provided.
Post-production (editing) on Sony Vegas or Final Cut not included.

Some of the things not included as standard services, but are available:

Set Rentals
Hired Talent
Live audience
Expendables, such as tape or film stock
Stock Footage, Stock Images & B-Rolls
Travel more than 30 miles from our studios
Rented Equipment (i.e. dolly, crane, job, special camera, etc…)
Shooting on Film, Back up to external harddrives
3D modeling, animation, and high-level compositing on Lightwave, 3DS Max, Cinema 4-D, Rhino 2.0, Aura 2.5, Commotion, Combustion 2, After Effects 6, and other notable tools.

All rights to packaged productions belong to the client (you), with the exception of exhibition by Pacifica Marketing Group for demonstration purposes only, unless otherwise agreed.

Video Production San Diego

View Demo Reel Here

Complete Product Package Production Rates

Event Package 1 – Half Day (Up to 4 hours)
$2,000.00 – High Definition Sony HVR-V1U Package Includes:

Professional Broadcast Quality High Definition Video Camera – Sony HVR-V1U
Lighting and Audio Kit – Audio Technica / Shure Lavalier / Shure Wireless Lavalier
12 hours of Editing
Directing Services and Consultation
Voice Over/Narrator (if applicable)
Color Correction
Music Score
DVD Disk and Cover Design ($500 Value)
Master DVD
* Additional Camera add $300

Event Package 2 – Full Day (Up to 8 hours)
$4,000 – High Definition Sony HVR-V1U Package Includes:
Professional Broadcast Quality High Definition Video Camera – Sony HVR-V1U
Lighting and Audio Kit – Audio Technica / Shure Lavalier / Samson Wireless Lavalier
24 hours of Editing
Directing Services and Consultation
Voice Over/Narrator (if applicable)
Color Correction
Music Score
DVD Disk and Cover Design ($500 Value)
Master DVD
* Additional Camera add $300

HD Videography with Audio Kit Event Package | Sony HVR-V1U
$925 half day (Up to 4 hours) | additional camera man add $300
$1,800 full day (Up to 8 hours) | additional camera man add $300

30 Second YouTube Infomercial Special (HD Format)
$498 with Editing and Internet Encoding | Includes Green Screen, Boom Mic, Music, Lower Thirds and Editing. Completed video is then encoded for YouTube and uploaded to your account.

60 Second YouTube Infomercial Special (HD Format)
$998 with Editing and Internet Encoding | Includes Green Screen, Boom Mic, Music, Lower Thirds and Editing. Completed video is then encoded for YouTube and uploaded to your account.

10 Minute Infomercial Special (HD Format)
$1,295 with Editing and Internet Encoding | Includes Green Screen, Music, Lower Thirds and Editing. Completed video is then encoded for YouTube.

Real Estate Home Tours (HD Format)
$298 | Basic Editing, Titles and Brief Descriptions
Max. 10 scenes (rooms/spaces)
includes video format encoding

Cheap Bastard Special (SD Format)
$198 | 30 Second Youtube or Podcasting with Basic Editing, Titles and Brief Descriptions
includes video format encoding and upload to your Youtube account

Post Production Video Editing / Graphics Creation / Video Format Encoding
$85/hr. (YouTube, Apple TV, iPod, MPEG, QuickTime)

Stock Footage
$25/second / Free immediate research
we offer new & unique images from around the world, including cultural, scenic, wildlife, sports and adventure, avaialble in standard def 4:3 and HD 16:9 formats.

Youtube Package Production Specials

Purchase Four 30 Second YouTube Infomercial Spotsl (HD Format)
And receive a Fifth 30 Second Spot FREE
Complete with Editing and Internet Encoding | Includes Green Screen, Music, Lower Thirds and Editing.Completed video is then encoded for YouTube or customers website.
A $2,490 Value – Pay Only $2,400 – You Save $90

Purchase Eight 30 Second YouTube Infomercial Spotsl (HD Format)
And receive Two 30 Second Spots FREE
Complete with Editing and Internet Encoding | Includes Green Screen, Music, Lower Thirds and Editing.Completed video is then encoded for YouTube or customers website.
A $4,980 Value – Pay Only $4,790 – You Save $190

Studio Prompting Services

KillerGraffix can provide a Teleprompter should you need a video production environment with unique, unrivalled professionalism. What separates us from “rental houses” is that our gear is used by our operators (we don’t provide prompters without an operator) – so each piece is continuously maintained, day-to-day.

KillerGraffix delivers a professional operator with the best-quality LCD prompter and outstanding customer service throughout every phase of the project.

This prompter package features: $495.00 (Up to 8 hours)

Teleprompter Operator
A 15″ LCD panel that accepts high quality VGA signals
A laptop Computer system with Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel etc.
Adjustable height camera riser that works with majority cameras
Easy fold down hood
High-end GLASS beam splitter mirror
EZ Prompt software
VGA cable and Accessories
Mouse controller

Video Production San Diego

Video Production San Diego

On Location in Arizona and Los Angeles shooting Bob Proctor and Don Boyer for The Power of Mentorship – The Movie (Shot entirely with Green Screen)

Bob Proctor Movie Shoot

Bob Proctor Movie Shoot

Bob Proctor Movie Shoot

Bob Proctor Movie Shoot

Ask about our Podcasting and Newsletter Specials
The New Explosion on the Internet … VIDEO

Anyone who has watched television or browsed the internet has had the enjoyment of experiencing the progression of the use of Flash video on websites and internet commercials.

Video Production San DiegoBusinesses that know how to set themselves apart from the competition understand the value of integrating video into their sites. Some provide straight video clips and others integrate video to create an engaging media rich experience viewers will remember 80% more than a website with text and images.

What is driving this new trend?

Internet Video advertising delivers. Using video in internet advertising delivers business results that are greater in magnitude than any other form of internet advertising.

Broadband use is exploding. In a recent Pew Internet and American Life study it was found that that more than half of American adults use broadband at home or the office. The cost for broadband service keep plummeting, driving the trend further.

Flash helps you get video on the web. Flash MX Professional by Adobe out of the box provides a complete feature set for integrating video onto websites. It also improves playback performance and offers progressive downloading of video.

Streaming video and music accessed through the Internet and mobile devices will generate $27 billion in revenue by 2011, according to an Insight Research report.

Apple teamed with ABC to offer on-demand TV shows in its iTunes Music Store last year. Other networks have been quick to follow with their own services.

The Wharton School of Business showed that video boosts comprehension and retention by 50% over a live presentation. Other industry studies have shown that video expedites buying decisions by 72% versus print. And that six times as many people prefer a video to printed information. Some studies suggest that as many as 94% of video direct-marketing recipients will pass their copy along to another viewer.

All of this information paints the picture that marketing that integrates video isn’t just for large companies with huge budgets. With new technologies being created each month, it allows both video production and fulfillment more affordable. Now businesses from a local retail shop, to larger established businesses are finding that even small video campaigns reap big rewards and maintain a small budget.

View Demo Reel Here

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Video Production San Diego

Great Things About Computers #6: Writing

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The development of easier-to-use personal computers has contributed immensely to the ever-greater quantity of writing being done in this day and age. Although opinion will naturally be divided on whether this is a good thing, it has certainly democratized the process considerably, meaning that more and more people can get their writing published or publish it themselves.

To make a long story short, if you wanted to write a book in times gone past, you would have needed a typewriter or a complicated word processor – potentially costing more than was reasonable for a luxury purchase – in order to put together a readable manuscript to send to publishers. Now, it is standard to email a section of the finished draft to them instead.

The phenomenon of “blogging” has taken off in the last few years to the point where an overwhelming number of people now have personal blogs, and to the point where even the idea of blogging has been mutated successfully – witness Twitter, often referred to as a “micro-blogging” site.

There are some – often paid writers themselves – who decry the increase in blogging as somehow “devaluing” the idea of writing. This seems almost exclusively to be a territorial reaction to the threat of losing readers to someone who the reader can relate to. Certainly, some blogs make for awful reading, but the same can without a doubt be said of much of what gets published by paid journalists, too.

Great Things About Computers #5: Email

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Before we had email, the world was a different place entirely – but it is hard to think how different because it has become such an accepted part of life that we hardly remember what we did before we could send and receive email. Most of us will use it at least once a day, and many of us will have an email client open for most of the day for one reason or another. It helps us work and keep in contact with friends.

Before email, the quickest way to get in contact with someone was to call them on the phone. Largely, this depended on them actually being there to take the call because not everyone had voice mail. Email just about pre-empted text messaging in terms of mass use, and was the first form of instant communication not to depend on both sender and receiver being available at the same time.

Email also had the advantage over text messaging of not being limited to a certain number of characters. If you phone someone just to chat, one is always mindful of the phone bill and is thus likely to keep the conversation brief. No matter how long your email, it won’t cost you any extra – in fact, it won’t cost you anything on top of your Internet subscription.

Email really comes into its own in a business context. A lot of information can be included (like a written letter), and it can be sent instantly (like a phone call) and picked up whenever the receiver is available (like a text message), thus combining all of the important benefits of the other forms while having no major drawbacks. You can attach bulky files with it and check when it has been received and read. It has made a big difference in work and personal life.

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